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Your Free Guide to Choosing Your Best Career

While there’s certainly no one-size-fits all approach for finding the ideal career, these eight professions are designed to help adults with ADHD utilize their strengths — while minimizing the areas where they may struggle.

8 Best Jobs for Adults with ADHD Free Download“What would you do if you knew you could not fail?” Dr. Edward Hallowell poses this bold question to patients struggling to choose a career path. The answer often helps to clarify what they value most in a profession — serving others, earning high wages, being treated with respect, meeting interesting people — and points his patients in some discreet directions.

“I have my clients write down everything they’ve like about different jobs they’ve held, and everything they’ve hated about them,” says Kerch McConlogue, an ADHD coach in Baltimore, Maryland. “Do you like standing on your feet? Dealing with the public? Working alone?”

Ask yourself these questions to determine which aspects of work you love, and what you dread. Though there’s no one correct career path, some jobs are more ADHD-friendly than others. ADDitude has compiled a list of eight professions that may help you reach your full potential by putting your natural skills to work. Find out the top eight now!

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