Natural Remedies for ADHD

“I Keep My ADHD Symptoms Under Control By…”

Our readers share the natural ADHD treatments that really work for them — from meditation to a caffeine-packed energy drink. Could one work for you?

A woman smiling after a run, one of many natural treatments for ADHD in adults
Woman smiling after long run and wearing headphones outside, sun behind her

Healthy Food and Exercise

“Watching what I eat helps. I function better when I eat healthy foods like lean protein, veggies, and fruits instead of processed foods.” -Connie M., Ohio

“Exercise is one of the best natural treatments for my ADHD. Running up two or three flights of stairs, doing two dozen jumping jacks, or dancing to my favorite songs are what I need when I lose focus.” -Lisa Tobias, Huron, South Dakota

“Getting outside in the fresh air (working in my garden, walking around the block) makes my day more productive.” –Heather Johnson, St. Francisville, Louisiana

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“Taking B-complex and the amino acid taurine. I also drink Red Bull.” –Zoe, Suffolk, England

Multi-Treatment Approach

Cognitive-behavioral therapy, exercise, and ‘green time.'” -Cate, Sydney, Australia

“Relaxation techniques, vitamins, and natural supplements, like omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil.” -Alisa Dale, Clovis, California

“Exercise and medication are two of the best tools I use to control my ADHD. Although medication also helps, the therapies are more beneficial.” -Kevin D., Atlanta, Georgia

Inner Peace

“Yoga and deep-breathing techniques — alternate-nostril breathing especially. There are a few balancing poses that clear and focus my mind.” -Ann Imrie Howlett, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

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“Meditation and mindfulness. When I learned to forgive my failures (on the condition that I do better next time), my path to freedom was clear.” -Andrew Kinsella, Melbourne, Australia

“Yoga is a miracle treatment. Practicing regularly balances my mood and thoughts.” -Janna, Norway

A Strong Support System

“Having a best friend who is in the same boat has been invaluable. We help keep each other’s symptoms in check. Synchronizing our calendars has kept both of us on time for appointments!” -Cinnamon Welland, McLean, Virginia

“No treatment that I have tried has ever worked. My family deals with the untreated me. They’ve grown accustomed to me by now.” -Priscilla Reese, Danielsville, Pennsylvania

Non-Medical ADHD Treatments

“Acupuncture is the go-to alternative treatment for me. It calms my mind when it’s racing — which it does a lot.” -Dian, Harbor City, California

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“Mindfulness-based psychotherapy gave me new skills to re-examine my life. Cogmed working-memory training improved my executive function.” -Michael Smith, Rockville, Maryland

“Neurofeedback made the difference for my son. It also calmed his racing brain.” -Sue, Wisconsin

Setting Goals and Earning Rewards.

“Setting goals with an ADHD coach, establishing practical routines, and taking advantage of my ‘best’ time of the day. Recently, I’ve tried to envision what I want out of life: a neat desk, time to read for pleasure, and to stay in touch with friends.” -An ADDitude reader

“I make to-do lists. At the end of each day, I jot down the things that I need to do the following day. That starts me off on the right foot in the morning.” -Judi Nett, Michigan

“Rewarding myself when I meet a goal and having an ‘accountability partner’ or mentor to keep me on track.” –Lemelia Bonner, Winston-Salem, North Carolina