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What is LearningRx?

LearningRx is an in-person brain training program with 78 locations around the U.S. Most sessions are run face-to-face with a trainer, but some use supplemental computer-based exercises.

How does LearningRx work?

First, participants take an hour-long cognitive skills assessment at a LearningRx center. This evaluates the individual against the seven core skills that LearningRx seeks to improve: attention, working memory, long-term memory, logic and reasoning, processing speed, visual processing, and auditory processing. The results are used to structure the program so that it bolsters weak skills and improves learning, thinking, reading, writing, remembering and problem solving.

Following the assessment, participants meet with a LearningRx director who explains the assessment results, and how certain strengths or weaknesses could contribute to success or failures.

After the training begins, participants meet with a LearningRx brain trainer for one hour daily for 12 to 32 weeks.

At the end of each training, participants take a second assessment to measure cognitive improvement.

Who is LearningRx for?

LearningRx offers the following age-appropriate programs:

  • ThinkRx: The core program for all cognitive skills. A minimum of 12 weeks, ages 7+
  • ReadRx: A reading intervention that also trains auditory processing
  • ComprehendRx: A more advanced reading intervention to improve understanding
  • MathRx: Focus on math concepts like calculation and problem-solving
  • Einstein: includes ThinkRx, ReadRx, and MathRx
  • LiftOff: Foundational cognitive skills and early reading for preschoolers through first grade
  • StudyRx: Focus on test-taking tips and study strategies
  • Brain Booster: Program for adults
  • BrainSkills: A digital program used to supplement one-on-one training, and as a maintenance program for people who have completed in-person training

How much does LearningRx cost?

The cognitive skills assessment, required before beginning training, typically costs between $199 and $299, depending on the location.

The total cost of training varies by program and location. Some online reviews place the cost of each program between $2,500 and $4,000 with a total cost of around $10,000. Others estimate the cost at $80 to $90 per hour of training.

Where can I learn more about LearningRx?

For a summary of research about LearningRx, see:

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