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  1. I’d heard good things about neurofeedback and could not afford it so I tried to find other options. My discovery was Brain Age for Nintendo DS. My son and I are both ADHD so I tried it too. It helped tremendously. I was told with neurofeedback if you don’t continue it you will still have problems (not positive about this-you need to verify). I’ve not tried it but I can tell you that we have to continue doing the Brain Age to feel the benefit of it. We’ve only been doing it about 2 months. Have to be consistent. My suggestion is to “put it on the schedule” for daily activities. I was able to find Brain Age at Game Stop for $2.00! A small investment for such a benefit. My son is very intelligent and he enjoyed it but now has gotten to levels that “bore” him so I need to get Brain Age 2.

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