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  1. Ok, here’s a weird one… Let me first say my son is 6. He takes a shower every night, does not show signs of early puberty, does not eat lots of garlic, onions ect… With that said, he started on Synaptol and I was not sure if it was working or not. We took it with his regular meds (Focalin and Kapvay). I was able to reduce the Focalin a little and thought he was calmer. HOWEVER (enter weird part) he became really, really stinky! I mean he was sitting on the sofa watching tv in a cool room with AC and it was as if he was playing baseball for 3 days straight with no shower and not brushing his teeth. By the way, even after playing outside and getting the dirtiest he’s ever been he’s never had an odor issue. I put him in the shower, scrubbed every inch of him AND put deoderant on him (never did before) and 2 hours later same thing. I stopped the Synaptol and no more stinkies but the next day he was WIRED. I called the company and they never had this happen before. Just putting it out there. Sometimes you think you are crazy, some days admittedly I am, but just in case you have this happen too you are not alone.

  2. My son has been on Synaptol for 2 weeks. It has been very beneficial. I also give him an herbal supplements Ashwadangha in the evening before bed. One night he didn’t take his Ashwadangha or his after school dose of Synaptol. And by 9 PM he was yelling and screaming, and dropping F bombs. When he does take the Synaptol he gets his work done, and ready for school all on his own. It’s only been 2 weeks but better results than Concerta. On Concerta he was anxious, didn’t eat or sleep and said he felt like a zombie. Teachers would tell me I should up his dose. I just got sick of trips to doctor and experimenting with mess. Hope the success continues.

  3. My son has had bad ADHD for many years, he is now 22 and in College, and I think the prescription medications had made him worse because of the harsh side effects. He was always in a fog, tired, etc. I tried Synaptol, dropped the prescription drugs, and he got a lot better. It helped him focus without all the bad side effects which were messing him up. I asked him for a honest assessment, and he said that he was a lot better with Synaptol than the prescription medication.

  4. I started my daughter Sarah on Synaptol about one month ago. She also takes BrainStrong. Sarah says that she thinks the Synaptol is helping with her focus. I wish I was a fly on the wall to watch her at school. She struggles daily but I can say she tries very hard. I have tried almost every other homeopathic remedy out there. We are hoping that the Synaptol is the answer. We refuse to put her back on drugs…..all the ones she tried had awful side effects. We are going to keep up with the Synaptol and BrainStrong for this school year.

  5. We tried Synaptol for 30 days also, with no positive results. It actually made our son (10 at the time) worse—less focus, attention, etc. We were hoping for something positive.

  6. We recently tried Synaptol for 30 days with our 7-year-old son and I didn’t see any effect at all. Totally disappointing because I was so hoping to find an alternative to traditional meds.

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