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  1. VAXA in my opinion is one of the best homeopathic remedy in the world but here’s catch I’m Prescribed Dextroamphetamine 5 mg ir as well so once I got back from the DR about a month ago I had ran out of attend so I had no other option but to take my adhd medication it was going well smooth felt like a text god. 3 weeks in as soon as I got my VAXA Bottle and started taking it early 2 hours before my DEX dose it just doesn’t Hit as It did the Euphoria Effect and the actual Focusing effect as well ima have to make some slight adjustments has anybody has this Similar Problem lmk please I gotta talk to my doctor.

  2. Disappointed this product with a decided lack of evidence would receive endorsement here! Individuals need to look carefully at ALL of the listed active ingredients and examine each for evidence of both effectiveness and of safety. One open-label study does not cut it!

  3. We have tried Attend in our home. The results were short-term and not significant enough for what we need. Attend may work for some so I would recommend that others try it to see for themselves. Our health food store carries it.

  4. I have had numerous clients of mine try Attend with moderate improvement, but the problem is that the ingredients although good are in very small amounts and therefore assist only a little. Also none of the active ingredients really turn on the prefrontal cortex. This is the same problem that Strattera has. It assists, but does not turn on the prefrontal cortex.

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