ADHD Medication and Treatment Reviews


What is it Attend?

Attend is a homeopathic supplement designed to improve attention, moderate mood, and reduce stress and frustration in children and adults with ADHD. Attend is produced by Vaxa International. It comes in capsule form, and contains more than 70 herbal and vitamin extracts. Its main ingredients are Kali Phosphoricum — also known as potassium phosphate — and Lithium Carbonicum, a homeopathic version of lithium salts. The remainder of the capsule also contains ginkgo, green tea extract, and flax seed powder, and imparts a small amount of caffeine.

How does Attend work?

Attend is a homeopathic remedy, meaning it contains minute amounts of its active ingredients, diluted repeatedly in water and — in the case of Attend — added to capsules. Homeopathy is widely regarded by the medical community as pseudoscience; in 2009, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued an official statement warning against the use of homeopathy to treat serious diseases.

Who is Attend for?

Vaxa recommends Attend for adults and children weighing more than 30 pounds.

How much does Attend cost?

A 60-count bottle costs $42.49. Vaxa recommends taking 2 to 4 capsules daily.

What studies have been done on Attend?

No peer-reviewed studies have been done on Attend. A small “clinical trial,” conducted by Vaxa International in 1997, claims that 80 percent of its 25 subjects improved their attention and focus after just 30 days of taking Attend. The results have not been published for the public as of yet, nor verified by the scientific community.

Where can I learn more about Attend?

Visit the manufacturer’s website at