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Generic Name: clomipramine hydrochlorine

2 Comments & Reviews: Anafranil

  1. Hi! I am a 26 year old female and have been on Anafranil since 2018. I love this medication! Why? Because minimal side effects and very effective (however, does not help with skin picking for me, but does help with OCD!) Prozac and Zoloft triggered hypomania and worsened bipolar for me, but Anafranil has truly helped my OCD symptoms go from “severe” to “mild” no kidding. I will never come off Anafranil as long as it keeps working

    (NOTE: I currently take many other psych meds– Vyvanse, clonidine, Strattera, Vraylar, lithium)

  2. I’m on Wellbutrin 150mg 2x. In the beginning could really tell the difference. I also used to take Anafranil for OCD. But after 25 yrs it stopped working so I got off it. So then I went back to Zoloft, because I was getting really irritable, mad.

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