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Generic: Sertraline hydrochloride Zoloft is not an FDA-approved ADHD medication, but rather an SSRI used to treat several conditions — depression, anxiety, and OCD — that commonly co-occur with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

3 Comments & Reviews: Zoloft

  1. After my “ah-ha” moment, a doctor had put me on Wellbutrin. Didn’t see any noticable improvement. She then put me on Zoloft. That worked wonders, with zero side effects. That was the only medication I had taken faithfully and consistently for a few years. Then I got pregnant and made a long distance move. Then everything fell apart. It’s been difficult to get back on Zoloft and I feel like I could really benefit from it at this point in my life. But because it has been nearly 20 years and now 53, I am not sure I’ll get the same results as I did in my 30s.

  2. I am a 26 year old female– careful on Zoloft! It initially helped with my OCD, anxiety, depression, but quickly triggered a hypomanic reaction. I stayed on it a long time with mood stabilizers as well, but in the end I found that SSRIs (Prozac too) made me hypomanic because of bipolar disorder.

    I now take ANafranil for OCD, LOW dose of Vyvanse for ADHD (alongside Strattera and Clonidine), and mood stabilizers like lithium and Abilify/Vraylar.

  3. I took Zoloft for several months as a treatment for Major Depressive Disorder (turns out I had Bipolar II) and if anything it made my ADD worse. I couldn’t concentrate on anything and working was impossible. I lost a whole month and was feeling suicidal. It also triggered obsessive/compulsive habits that were hard to ignore. The one good thing Zoloft did do for me was eliminate my PMS. My first period after starting Zoloft came as a shock. I usually had a couple of days warning when my mood would turn black for no reason and I’d look at the calendar and say “Ah, of course.” Without that mood change I was not paying attention and got a fright when it came! Haha! Over 20 years of PMS wiped out with a couple of weeks on Zoloft.

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