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Generic Name: divalproex sodium

5 Comments & Reviews: Depakote

  1. Absolutely awful. Not only did it make me incredibly numb, it took away all zest for life. I had the best surf session of my life, right alongside my girlfriend. I didn’t smile once. I knew inside that I should be pumped, but I just couldn’t feel anything anymore. Not to mention, very reactive with alcohol. 4 beers in 3 hours and I was unconscious.

  2. Bad drug for me (female, 26)! While it did help with bipolar and OCD/anxiety, it made me a zombie and I gained 60 lbs.

    I don’t mean to scare anyone– it can be a helpful drug. I think it was more effective at a lower dose, but at a psych hospital they increased my dose to be too high. Regardless, switching to lamictal and eventually lithium helped

    (note I take other meds for OCD, bipolar, and inattentive ADHD– Vyvanse, Strattera, clonidine, lithium, Vraylar, Anafranil)

  3. For me having BPD really helped alot! I had only severe weight gain from it both other issues.

    I only took brand name.

    My fiance takes the generic and falls asleep all day and can barely get himself to work. Tomorrow we are switching to brand name to see if that helps. He has IED and possibly bipolar. This medicine made him go from a pycho to a love bug within 2 months.

    It stays in your systems as it takes time to build up but he did skip it for 7 days (which he never does it was just a hectic week) and he started acting super hyper and just irritating me to the point where I felt like I was going to have a nervous break down.

    Overall this is an amazing pill to take for various disorders.if you are the one taking it and dont see a difference it’s just because you are the one taking it everyone around you can see the difference after 30-60 consecutive days of taking it

  4. This was the worst med I ever took for my bipolar condition. I almost lost a new job I started because I felt so “out of it” and my boss kept asking if I was ok. My doctor wouldn’t take me off of it so I found another dr. He put me on lamictal and I’ve had no problems with it, which I’ve been taking for about 10 yrs now.

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