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Brand Name: Klonopin

4 Comments & Reviews: clonazepam

  1. Diagnosed 18 months ago BECAUSE of anxiety and severe panic attacks. Sought med management specifically as I needed something immediate and meditation, exercise, etc wasn’t working. AND I had just passed my third year as a recovering alcoholic, with a good recovery approach working really well. Then BAM panic and anxiety! It became panic about having panic attacks more anxiety that it would lead to relapse!

    I currently take 2 (15mg) dextroamphetamine extended release capsules 3x/day and 1mg clonazepam 2x/day.

  2. I am less angry and less irritable and less compulsive when I take Clonazepam together with ADHD meds.

  3. I suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder and ADHD and had the same challenges when the ADHD medication wears off. I have tried Xanax and other options but found that the best result was another dose of Adderall at that time. The anxiety was caused by my lack of focus.

    Xanax was a temporary solution but can cause the same anxiety when it wears off too. I have chosen to take Clonazepam because it lasts longer and I don’t always need it with the extra Adderall dose.

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