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Generic Name: Duloxetine HCL

4 Comments & Reviews: Cymbalta

  1. I have been on cymbalta for about 4 or 5 years now. Although it helps with my anxiety/depression. It doesn’t help any of my ADHD symptoms. My doctor discouraged ADHD medication which is dissappointing. I struggle with my ADHD side on a daily basis. The emotional regulation is an excruciating struggle to control and cope, yet I’m still impulsive and emotion driven, distracted, etc, which has left me jobless again this year.

  2. I was 47 when I was officially diagnosed. Impulsive decisions have cost me jobs and respect. I spent my life with ADHD and no medication. Now I’m on medications and I don’t crave pain pills to numb my depression. Thanks to Cymbalta, sedatives and 10mgs of Adderall I am finishing my GED and paralegal degree.

  3. I have tried Cymbalta and it’s just too much fatigue and sedation amongst a host of the other SSRIs. It’s just not that helpful, it curbs anxiety but the sacrifice of lack of attention and de-motivation in addition to mental decline that follows SSRIs is really a struggle. I’ve tried all the SSRIs and Celexa was and is probably the only one that I could tolerate. It did give me a lot of fatigue; the afternoons were impossible so I had to stop.

  4. For my daughter, ADHD means not only that her mind goes a mile a minute, leading to distractibility, but also that once her interest is piqued, she will hyperfocus to the exclusion of all else. Combine that with the high school experience, where kids must take six and seven courses every day. Not only is she dealing with the distractibility, not to mention great problems transitioning from one class and subject to another in the space of less than ten minutes, but they’re also expecting her to manage several projects and homework assignments in many subjects every day. No wonder she became anxious to the point of paralysis! We thought originally that it was a motivational thing, but what it turned out to be was extreme anxiety that eventually led to depression. Starting her on Cymbalta made a big difference, but that didn’t take care of everything.

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