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Quillivant XR

Quillivant XR is the only liquid, extended release methylphenidate product used to treat ADHD in children and adults. It contains the same active ingredient as Ritalin. Generic Name: methylphenidate

25 Comments & Reviews: Quillivant XR

  1. My son was diagnosed with ADHD at 6 years old. I had him on Quillivant XR for 3 full months. He did really great on it as far as staying on task and focusing during school hours. Administered daily at 7am and it tapered off around 3-4pm. The rebound of energy was a lot and he didn’t tire until 9:30pm. Side effects for him was appetite suppression during the day, but he made up for it at around 5-6pm. On the weekends I had to schedule outings, otherwise he’d want to focus on his iPad through out the day. His anger subsided at school while on this medication, but his anger stemmed from frustration on not being able to focus and grasp what the other kids where grasping. He did exhibit bouts of emotions like crying about sad situations from either deaths in kid movies or something he heard on the news. (I really wish Disney would stop allowing parents to die in their movies). The last two weeks, on the 3rd month, he started to have vocal tics and not being able to sleep at night. So the pediatrician was concerned about the vocal tics and waking up in middle of night and switched him to Vyvanse. Lets see where that takes us.

  2. My7 year old has been on Quillivant for over 1 year. We had to start him on medication at the beginning of kindergarten because of his behavior. All the other kids were progressing and he was getting worse. It takes about 45 minutes to take effect. We give him 7.5 ml in the morning and school gives him another 3 ml at noon. We’re lucky to get about 6 hours of effect. The pediatrician says this is because of his high metabolism. We really don’t have many side effects but can sure tell when it’s wearing off

  3. I am a 45 year old male diagnosed with ADHD 2 months ago. I just received my trial run with Quillivant and it has done wonders for me.

  4. My son just started on Quillivant XR and I too am having great difficulty because he doesn’t like the taste. I currently mixing it with orange juice, but he still gives me a hard time and he is only four years old. My son is also quite chatty after taking this medication, but I’m not seeing that much of a difference in his behavior just yet.

  5. I’m a 47 year old that takes Quillivant XR. I also have aggression issues that go along with my AD/HD. This medication works well for me. The first few days it caused a little anxiety but other than that I’ve had no problems.

  6. My son, who is almost 9yrs-old, just started on Quillivant three days ago, and so far it seems to be working very well. The only side effect I’ve observed is that he seems more talkative than usual, which can get annoying at times as he tends to interrupt others; he doesn’t usually do this as he’s well-mannered. The only problem I am encountering now is that he cannot take the taste; he almost vomits every time he takes it.

  7. My son is an 8 year Autistic boy,who was just diagnosed with ADHD. It’s he’s first day taking Quillivant (4mg). I gave it to him at 7:30 am and he just lay around all day, it’s 2:55 am and he still wide-awake.

  8. My 6 year old is not doing well on Quillivant. He has been on it for a little over 1.5 years. He took 4 ml and is now at 6.5ml. At first his only side effect was that he constantly licked the back of his top front teeth and the top of his mouth and this went away. He had extreme insomnia but has eventually gotten better. He has a loss of appetite. It takes between 30-45 minutes for the meds to work. He takes it about 7:15 am. When it wears off, he tends to act in a manic, energetic, and destructive state. He also becomes violent with his siblings. Just within the last few months, I noticed he developed extreme fears of the dark, of being left alone, and started hallucinating.

  9. My 6 year old son has been taking Quillivant for 6-7 weeks. Ever since he started the med, he has become even MORE angry, defiant, violent, impulsive, uncontrollable.

  10. My son is on Quillivant. It didn’t even last close to 12 hours for him. He is only 5, so he was getting 1.5 Ml in the morning. Now he gets 1.5 in the morning, and 1Ml at lunchtime at school. He still needs sensory breaks sometimes, but he’s not nearly as wiggly or impulsive.

  11. My 8yo son has been taking Quillivant XR for four months. He is diagnosed ADHD with a bit of ODD. Although his behavior has noticeably improved, I started noticing that he had some facial tics – constantly blinking his eyes and moving his nose. We started with 6ml of Quillivant in the morning and 2mg of Intuniv at night. At first, he was angry with me because he didn’t want to take pills again, but he’s actually doing great taking them with applesauce. After playing with dosages, we are now at 4ml of Quillivant and 1mg of Intuniv twice a day (morning and before bed). The tics have stopped, he eats more and he’s falling asleep a little easier at night.

  12. My 13 year old son has been on Quillivant for about 9 months. He used to take Vyvanse. On Vyvanse, he became nervous and agitated. Quillivant has produced none of those side effects so far. Additionally, on Quillivant XR he retains his personality even when the medications are having their peak effect. Overall, we are very happy. We give him a small dose of Ritalin to get him through homework.

  13. My son just turned 7 years old last month. His doctor started him on Intuniv. We had to discontinue using it a bit because it seemed like he was falling back to his old ADHD behaviors after only a few weeks on it (lack of focus, some aggression, answering back and belligerence in school and at home). We switched my son to Quallivant. I gave him the prescribed dosage of 4 ml this morning. He went to school and appeared to have done very well. But when we arrived home, my son seemed overly alert to the point where his eyes looked buggy. He was talking very fast, which is uncharacteristic for him. It began to subside when we passed the 12 hour mark. However, he had difficulty falling asleep.

  14. My daughter was recently diagnosed with ADHD inattentive. Our pediatrician prescribed her Concerta, but we switched to Quillivant. Her teacher has noticed that she is more emotional since beginning the medicine. She seems to be getting upset very easily.

  15. My son is 8 years old and we started him on Quillivant XR about two weeks ago. He was diagnosed at 5 years old with ADHD combined type and has been on Focalin XR ever since. He was started on 25mg/5ml Quillivant XR, on the down side we saw it only lasted about 4 hours and he was super hyper by the time we picked him up from school. The doctor doubled the dose, which extends the life to about 8 hours. The problem now is my son has to take two full syringes. He was ok with one but fighting taking two. We noticed is that Quillivant does not seem to be as effective as the Focalin XR. He is not as focused as he was on Focalin and when it wears off it’s like it completely leaves his system. Quillivant seems to be a milder form of Focalin which also leaves the system faster.

  16. My son is 9 years old and has been on Quillivant XR for almost two months. We stopped the meds because he started having irrational fears and started washing his hands all the time, having a lot of fear about food not being clean enough and that he was going to get sick.

  17. My 6 year old has been on 2.5 ml Quillivant for 4 months. He is starting to get silly and less focused in school. Additionally, afternoon and morning rebound behaviors are becoming a problem.

  18. My six year old boy struggles with severe ADHD. We initiated a small dose of Quillivant XR (right now at 2ml). We are thrilled with the results. Although it’s only been one week, so far he has had no side effects.

  19. Our 13 year old daughter who doesn’t swallow big pills was put on Quillivant 2 months ago after being diagnosed with ADHD. We didn’t see much impact on 4 MG so dose was increased to 8 MG. We see an impact, and she sees an impact! Last month we started giving a booster dose of short-acting Ritalin (she can swallow a small pill) around 6 PM to last through to bedtime. This seems to be working out really well. We see some appetite suppression, so we just feed her when she’s hungry! She doesn’t like the after taste, but puts up with it.

  20. My 5 year old has been taking Quillivant XR for about a month. We’ve tried many ADHD medications and this is by far the best. My son’s mood is even and his hyperactivity is controlled. It lasts him 10 hours and he still needs a booster of methylphenidate around 5pm to get us through the evening.

  21. We started our 6 year old daughter on Quillivant. We gave her 3ml dose. It took about 45 minutes to kick in but we had to suspend Quillivant because of sleep deprivation and lack of appetite. She was also acting very strange complaining of itching throughout her body. She seemed very anxious and more hyper than ever.

  22. My son is 7, and he takes 3 ml of Quillivant. We started at 2ml and were not seeing any results so went to 3ml. We give it to him at 7 am, and it lasts about 10-12 hours.

  23. My son is 9 has ADHD, we are on Day 2 of Quillivant XR 25mg. So far, the results are positive; the medicine kicked in within 45 minutes, my son feels good, he was focused and participating in class, he ate dinner, was asleep by 10:30pm and didn’t have that ravenous hunger just before bed. The negative side is by 5pm he’s unable to focus on homework.

  24. My son has been on this for about four and a half months and we are very pleased. He is 11. It lasts 10 hours, and he has none of the side effects that he had on other medications. Also, we just stopped it for the summer (his is inattentive add type) and he had no withdrawal symptoms at all. I like it also because his personality never seemed to change.

  25. My son, who is almost 8 and diagnosed with ADHD combined type within the last six months, was switched to Quillivant XR a little over a month ago. We have been very pleased so far. He’s on the lowest dose, which is 4mg per day. At first it depressed his appetite considerably and he had brief headaches a few times as well. However, we’ve just started the second month on it and he is doing very well. Appetite’s returned, headaches seem to have gone away, and best of all his behavior when it wears off is not crazy. It lasts about 12 hours, which we find to be pretty optimal. Overall we’re happy with this medication.

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