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Quillichew ER

Generic Name: methylphenidate

4 Comments & Reviews: Quillichew ER

  1. I am having the same problem eranchik99 and Momm11. My son will soon be 8 soon, but he started quillichew at 6 and half at 20 mg. It worked perfectly the first year. Then recently 7 and a half he’s developed some behavioral problems. He doing thing that are out of his norm. The teachers can tell something was going on, so we thought upping the dosage would help. BIG MISTAKE! Definitely will bring this up to his pediatrician. Finding pharmacies that keep this medication in stock is a headache because I’m constantly on the phone calling pharmacies to see who has this medication.

  2. Hello, our son has been taking Quillichew 30 mg for a while; then his symptoms got worse and his GP, not a psychiatrist, recommended bumping up the dosage to 40 mg; big mistake, it doesn’t seem as if he’s treated with anything now ; has anyone had a similar experience?

  3. My child has been taking Quillivant XR for a few years and it’s worked very well but because of their shortage I’ve had to order Quillichew ER and am hoping to receive it this week. I’ve noticed the pharmacies in my area are on back order with Quillichew. Is anyone else seeing this problem? I’ve called Tris Pharma, the company who is now handling Quillivant and Quillichew, but they said they can only take my phone number down and someone will call me back. I’ve yet to hear back from them. It’s no use calling their 800# since it appears that they are reading off a script. It’s best to call their phone number in New Jersey. I just googled Tris Pharma and called the number on their website. I wish they would release an updated statement on their status of their backlog. This is the only medication that works well for my child. His grades are going to really suffer if this shortage is not resolved.

  4. My son has been taking Quillichew ER for almost a year now. We started on Quillavent, but had to switch to Quillichew ER when there was a production shortage. I prefer Quillachew ER as my son says it tastes good & we don’t have any morning power struggles to get him to take this medicine. It has worked wonders for his focus & attention at school! And his anger outbursts reduced significantly! The down side… son rebounds from the medicine HARD come 3:30-4:30p. I call it the witching hour. Not just upset, it’s out of control emotions. You can see it in his eyes & it is not fun to be around. It was soooo bad at first I switched him to Adderall – big mistake. Didn’t work as well, caused emotional outbursts ALL DAY, & so we switched back after a month to Quillachew ER. I’ve learned to allow for relaxation time, & don’t run errands or do homework during this time. Letting him watch TV or play Legos during this time allows him to do something undemanding while the Meds exit his system quickly. This has been the best way I’ve found to handle it. And hey, he’s performing so well at school now, I’m sure he needs the release at home where he knows he’s safe & can act out. The Med does make his appetite suppressed at lunchtime, but he makes up for it after school & at dinner.

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