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Mydayis is a stimulant ADHD medication used to treat symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in adolescents and adults ages 13 and older. Generic Name: amphetamine/dextroamphetamine

8 Comments & Reviews: Mydayis

  1. BTW, I found that I been suffering from anxiety and depression and just did not know what was causing it. Trying to eat healthier and manage my symptoms without medication.

  2. I been using Mydays for perhaps 15 yrs+. I though overall it was good but I found that I have been difficulty sleeping in general but these last 2 years I have been suffering from Insomnia and bad acid reflux. I was given medication for my acid reflux, meds for my allergies and have not been feeling great this last year. I had enough of all of these meds and stopped taking everything this last month. My acid reflux has improved drastically, I am finally getting a good nights sleep and after going through some withdrawals, I feel so much better. My ADHD has improved. I am conscious of my time management and I am looking for healthier options.

  3. What dosages of mydayis have all of your reviewers found to work for you? I am stuck between deciding which is the better dose for me; 25 mg or 37.5 mg?

  4. I’ve been diagnosed with ADD for quite a few years now, and have tried a few medications to help. I tend to self diagnose myself off of them! (LOL). With that said I’m now on a I need them to do a good job type of thing. Sooo I’ve tried Adderal XR and XL, I’ve tried generic and didn’t really like the results so I paid for the “Brand” and had better results. Unfortunetly my insurance company won’t pay for the “Brand”, but they will pay for Mydayis and Vyvanse. I’ve tried Vyvanse before and hated the zombie like feelings it gave me. (Now I know how zombies are created). I couldn’t laugh, cry, feel sad, happy or angry when needed. I got off of that stuff! So I opted to try Mydayis. So here are my pros and cons:
    – I like the nice even flow of the medication throughout the day.
    – No crash
    – Not hungry

    – Can’t go to sleep at night, it’s midnight and i’m tired but awake. (I wake up at 6:00 a.m. and take it immediately)
    – First few days stomach was upset but that has subsided
    – Not thirsty, but dehydrated so I have to force myself to drink water. Stomach is kinda wacky when i drink water
    – Noticible aggitation, and irritability into the 1st week and 2nd week got worse.
    – Feel foggy at times, but that could be from lack of sleep or the medication
    – Feeling muscles tense.
    – Can’t go #2!!!

    Well there you have my experience. I’m calling the DR today to get off of this and go back to try Adderall generic. Maybe a different manufacturer! I’ll say that this is frustrating.

  5. I was on Vyvanse for a whil then tried Mydayis on a thirty day free trial. Mydayis really worked for me. I was sleeping better focusing better and I had better eating habits. The only problems are that insurance doesn’t cover it, and it’s really expensive.

  6. Adult Previously on Adderall for 1 year. Didn’t like the “zoom, crash & burn” experience. Extreme dry mouth and increased anxiety. Started Mydayis 2 months ago – immediately noticed the calmness during my day and super ability to focus on tasks thru completion.doesnt wipe out my appetite completely. Or give me that horrible dry mouth. Taking evening classes and there’s still evidence of focus at 11:00. So I have moved my dosing time to 7:00 am about an hour after I awake. So very pleased with results …

  7. I’ve been taking Mydayis for several months now. I switched from Vyvanse because since I wake up so early to write (around 5:00am) and go go go all day, I was having to take an Adderall at 3pm and still crashing and burning hard first at 1pm and then at 6pm. Mydayis took away the 1pm crash, though I still need a red bull or a coffee to plow through the evening with focus and clarity.
    Side effects have included acne for the first time in my life. It’s varied in severity, but at times needed antibiotics to clear up.

  8. I had been taking Adderall 60mg for approximately 25 years and it had stopped working so l tried Vyvance which worked ok but my doctor had me try Mydayis and l really like it, l find it works longer and l don’t get the crash l did with Adderall, l highly recommend it!

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