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Jornay PM

Jornay PM is the first extended release ADHD stimulant medication taken in the evening and designed to control ADHD symptoms from daybreak to bedtime. Generic Name: methylphenidate

2 Comments & Reviews: Jornay PM

  1. I started Jornay about a year ago, and i can say, it really makes a difference if you have horrible mornings. it used to take me an hour to fully wake up, but now it’s so easy. I do recommend that you trial and error with the time you take the medicine, since i’ve realized that taking it at 10:30 pm helps me wake up around 8, but taking it at 10 pm will wake me up at 7. It lasts throughout my school day, ending around 3, but after that i can still focus on things without being too distracted. it stops the restlessness and the racing thoughts, and definitely improves my mornings!

  2. We began Jornay about a month and a half ago for my 8-year-old daughter who had ADHD and ODD. She is taking 40 mg of Jornay at about 8:30 pm every night. Days when we have activities after school, she also receives a 10-mg methylphenidate immediate release. Previously, she took 20 mg of methylphenidate ER each morning at 8 am, followed by a 10-mg methylphenidate immediate release at 4 pm. We switched because mornings were awful (yelling, arguing, bullying her younger brother), particularly with her ODD symptoms.

    Jornay has greatly improved our day. Although we have not pinned down the exact time that it starts to take effect, I believe it is between 5:30 and 6:00 am. Our mornings have improved significantly–no fighting, bullying, yelling. She is able to focus and is able to get dressed, brush her teeth, and brush her hair in a timely manner–something that was simply not possible previously. Her teacher reports that her focus in the afternoons is significantly improved (she felt that her previous medication was wearing off at about 1:30 or 2 pm). It lasts throughout her school day, but it wears off around 4 or 5 pm (which is why an IR is required for after school activities/sports). She has not experienced insomnia. She does have some appetite expression at breakfast time, but is able to eat lunch and dinner. No other side effects.

    Overall, our experience has been excellent with Jornay. For our daughter, the delayed release is shorter than 12 hours and it does not last as long as the manufacturer suggests. However, she metabolized her previous medication quicker than reported by the manufacturer.

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