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Aptensio XR

Generic Name: methylphenidate

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  1. Aptensio is a good addition to a regimen for timing methylphenidate. It works much faster than concerta. Aptensio is smoother than instant release methylphenidate. By that I mean it doesn’t feel like a jolt to the system that quickly wears off. Aptensio’s release is biphasic. The first dose lasts 3-4 hours. I can feel a little drop somewhere in hour 3 to 5. There is then a second release. I can’t feel the second release, but I can see the benefit in perseverance through monotonous tasks and less distractibility and impulsivity. At best it is an 8 hour medicine. For people looking for 16 hour medication coverage, this medication may work if given two doses without overshooting the 16 hours as can happen with two doses of Concerta. If Daytrana is covered by insurance, I think Aptensio and Daytrana combination could be very interesting to get long lasting steady coverage since Daytrana takes several hours to build up to therapeutic dose.

  2. Hi everyone,

    It has been really frustrating trying to find any sort of reviews for this drug. I hope this helps someone.

    I’m a recently diagnosed (6 months) 50 yr old woman—Combined type ADHD. I’ve been on Aptensio XR 30 mg for 3 weeks.

    A little history: This is my 4th med to try. First was immediate release Methylphenidate 10 mg and was told to play with the dose to see what worked. I blew thru 30 pills in 4 days. It didn’t work or last well at all. Next was Stratterra and it was a nightmare. It did nothing for ADHD and just made me physically feel like crap. Then Vyvanse for a couple of months—30 and then 40 mg. I thought I liked it until I started binge eating and gaining weight. I also got extremely irritable around 5pm each day. When I moved to 40 mg those side effects got worse; I woke up extremely irritated and kind of stayed that way all day. My doc was considering raising the dose but decided instead to try Aptensio XR 30 mg. And that’s what I’ve been taking the last 3 weeks.

    The first 2 days on Aptensio I was like a zombie and also tired. I just kinda stared into space a lot. I didn’t have any kind of feelings. I was just blah. Nothing. Nobody home. The 3rd day and for about 1 1/2 weeks after I felt really great. Except—I would get sleepy at 1-1:30 each day and have to nap. I mean I literally fell asleep. Didn’t matter what I was doing. I went to sleep. It was impossible to fight it. I would sleep for 1 1/2 to 2 hours and wake up completely refreshed. I’ve never been a napper. If I nap, I’m just going to bed—there was no getting back up, at least with any kind of functioning. I’d be “normal” until about 6 and then I’d realize I still had the energy, drive and focus that I did in the morning. Again, unheard of for me. At 11pm I am ready to sleep. I sleep to about 7 am. I’m getting some of the best sleep of my life.

    Going into the mid second week, the afternoon sleepiness stopped completely. I have energy, drive and focus all day. And something strange happened—I have FEELINGS. I take 450 mg of generic Wellbutrin each day for depression. I thought I was feeling FEELINGS just fine. Holy Crap! I’ve really been missing out! I’m more attentive to my husband, more physically affectionate. I FEEL. I don’t know how else to put it. It’s a great feeling. I have positive thoughts. I’m happy and actually have a better outlook on life.

    I go back to the doc next week to evaluate how I’m doing on Aptensio. I wonder if she’ll keep me on this dose or tweak it.

    I hope this was helpful to someone!


  3. My 16 year old son has mild Tourette’s, ADD, and anxiety. He was on Prozac for many years which was given to him to control the tics, and it worked wonderfully. New psychiatrist just took him off Prozac and put him on Zoloft because he was experiencing more anxiety and depression that needed controlled. Just this week his psych put him on 30 mg of Aptensio to try to help with his ADHD. After only 2 days my son says he feels it kick in and he can tell he is more focused and able to complete work. However, it does wear off in 3-4 hours. No doubt he will need a high dose. Anyway, his psychiatrist also told us to start him on the supplement NAC, which he says is good for controlling tics. We are hoping with the combination that he will not see an increase in tics with the Aptensio. So far so good.

  4. We recently switched from Daytrana to Aptensio XR. We have experienced some good results but only for a short time (7 hours max vs. 12). The crash is tough and our evenings are difficult. We just added Focalin 5 mg at 3:00 pm.

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