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Adzenys XR-ODT

Adzenys XR-ODT is an extended-release, orally disintegrating stimulant medication primarily used to treat people with ADHD who can't or don't like to swallow pills. Generic Name: amphetamine

3 Comments & Reviews: Adzenys XR-ODT

  1. I am a physician who has ADHD, and I also treat patients, mostly adults, who have ADHD. I wanted to try the Adzenys XR-ODT a couple of years ago after speaking with a pharmaceutical representative, who explained the onset of action and duration to me. I spoke with my primary care provider, who prescribed the 12.5 mg. tablets. I did really well on this dose for about two weeks, being motivated and focused with the smooth delivery system all day long, even when I had to work 12- to 14-hour days seeing patients and handling my private practice duties. Then I found myself beginning to fidget more, trying to stay focused, and the following month I was prescribed the next dose up: 15.7 mg. I had been stable on this for about 2 years, until I had a reaction with lingering side effects due to anesthesia over 6 months ago, which seemed to make the 15.7 mg. daily dose of Adzenys XR-ODT less effective. However, realizing that my sleep cycle had probably been disrupted as a result of this outpatient medical procedure during which the anesthesia was given, I am now consciously working on getting better sleep each evening. At this point, I may discuss with my physician about adjusting the Adzenys XR-ODT to the next higher dose; but I will wait at least 2 more weeks to see if my current dose is improving in its effectiveness.

  2. This drug has been the answer for me – I had a crash on Adderall, I was grumpy on Vyvance, this is smooth and the delivery of the drug really makes a difference. I have no crash.

  3. I am a 34 year old married, full time working mom of a two year old. I was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 14 but did not begin taking medication until college due to fear of social stigma. I took Adderall IR 20mg from the age of 20 to 30 when I got pregnant with my son.

    I was never fully satisfied with ADR IR because it left me with volatile highs & lows throughout the day, suppressed my appetite, and often left me moody and depleted at the end of the day. I also hated having to carry around a bottle with me and try to take it three times a day discreetly so my coworkers wouldn’t notice lest they think less of me for needing it. However, I always assumed that my doctor would let me know if there was a medication that might be a better fit for me. I never really complained to him and he never offered up any changes so things went on as that had been.

    After I had my son and finished with his first year of nursing I decided to go back on medication (thanks to repeated requests from my family and coworkers!). I had a new Primary Care doctor and he recommended a new drug called Adzenys XR-ODT. At the time it had only been out for a few months but he had positive feedback from his patients and recommended I try it. The copay card he gave me allowed me to try it for free for the first month and gives me a $25 copay every month after. I have been on the 12.5mg dose for a year now and am immensely pleased with it. The medication is smooth, does not leave me jittery or grumpy, and gently tapers off at the end of the day. The blister pack is discreet and makes it easy to take. In fact, this morning I was running out of the house to get to work (late) and realized I’d forgotten to take my Adzenys- I hopped in my car, popped open the blister pack, tossed the tablet in my mouth, and hit the road. No water, no coffee, no food, nothing needed. Having ADHD frequently means forgetting to take your medicine so the portability and convenience of Adzenys is a huge plus.

    Overall I’m happy with the medicine, cost, and how well it works. Plus, it tastes good! A+ on this one

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