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Complementary Approaches for ADHD: A Guide

The best ADHD remedies adopt a multimodal approach — combining different, complementary interventions that work together to reduce symptoms. Your ideal combination may include medication, diet, exercise, behavioral therapy, supplements, CBT, working with a coach, or joining an ADHD support group. Learn more about treating ADHD without medication here.

Complementary Approaches for ADHD


“Just take medication.” “Just use a planner.” We’ve heard this before, and we know that a single solution is rarely the answer when it comes to ADHD. That’s why we created the INFLOW app, the easiest addition to your multimodal approach to ADHD treatment. Developed by leading ADHD clinicians, Inflow is a self-help program that uses CBT principles to help you truly understand your ADHD and embrace neurodiversity. Get your ADHD score today to kick off your Inflow journey.



Play Attention


Play Attention
PLAY ATTENTION has been helping children and adults thrive and succeed at school, home, and work for over 25 years. Our NASA inspired technology and cognitive exercises improve:
• Attention
• Productivity
• Relationships
• Executive Function

Tufts University School of Medicine found Play Attention significantly improved attention, executive function, academic performance, and behavioral control of ADHD students. Your customized program includes a Lifetime Membership and a Personal Executive Function Coach. Get ready to make ADHD your Superpower! Available for home and professional use.

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FORBRAIN is a revolutionary brain training device that enables individuals to harness their voice to boost their brain, thereby improving their speech, attention, and memory. Forbrain is being used by families, ADHD experts, speech therapists, and SEN teachers globally to help their clients enhance their cognitive development and executive function.

Forbrain® features a bone-conduction headset with a microphone and patented dynamic filter, facilitating self-practice. It enhances specific voice patterns, with the enhanced voice delivered instantaneously via bone conduction. This method improves listening, learning, attention, and overall energy.

The program requires 15 minutes of daily practice. You can seamlessly integrate Forbrain into your everyday routine. It can be used independently or with a tutor/parent, involving reading aloud or speaking.
Use code ADDITUDE10 to get 10% off on your Forbrain purchase.

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Brain BalanceBrain Balance

BRAIN BALANCE is a non-medical, drug-free cognitive development program designed to help kids, teens and adults with challenges that are holding them back in school, work or life including ADHD, learning differences and anxiety. Research studies with Harvard University and Cambridge Brain Sciences found the Brain Balance Program effectively improves:
• Focus & Attention
• Verbal Ability
• Reasoning
• Memory
• Hyperactivity
• Behavior

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ADHD Coaches OrganizationADHD Coaches Organization
ADHD Coaches get ADHD! Coaching can help you manage procrastination, get organized, build executive function and life skills, develop strategies for success and help you stay on track to accomplish your goals. Search our online directory to find the right ADHD coach for you.

Our proven system has worked for Thousands of adults since 1999, and Yes, it will work for you too!

• Highly Directive, Action-Based Coaching.
• Personalized Guidance.
• Unwavering Support During and Between Your Weekly Sessions.
• The RESULTS You Want!

Experience Lifelong Transformation that will (FINALLY!) get you back in control of your mood, your results, and your life.

“We will love you. We will kick your butt.Expert ADHD Coaching
You will achieve Amazing Results!”

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Natty Addy
Natty AddyNATTY ADDYNATTY ADDY is a physician formulated supplement that provides nutrients and oxygen to the brain that result in improved focus, mood, and increased energy without a crash.

OmegaBriteOmegaBrite® 70/10 MD
Are you using the Omega-3 recommended by Dr. Ned Hallowell and Dr. John Ratey in their book, Distraction 2.0?
OMEGABRITE 70/10 MD supports:
• Improved mood
• Better focus
• Reduced anxiety
• Improved executive function

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OmegaBriteOmegaBrite®| CBD
Use the CBD recommended by Dr. Ned Hallowell on his Podcast, Distraction.
Stress and anxiety can derail your focus. OMEGABRITE CBD provides fast and effective relief from daily stress, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.
• Doctor formulated, doctor recommended
• Works with your body’s natural Endocannabinoid receptors for powerful relief
• Made from organically grown hemp
• Third-party-tested for purity and label claim
• No drug-like side effects

Order your OmegaBrite CBD today and get the relief you need to thrive.

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Accentrate® is a supplement formulated to address nutritional deficiencies associated with ADHD, providing EPA and DHA in the form the brain uses to support focus, attention, and emotional balance.
Accentrate® – for kids under 110 lbs.
Accentrate 110® – for teens and adults over 110 lbs.
MZITM – a magnesium, zinc, and iron supplement to be taken in combination or stand-alone.
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SNAP contains clinically proven nutrients for managing troublesome symptoms naturally. Significantly reduces behavior problems from conduct, defiance and emotional dysregulation. Improves attention, memory, focus for learning and concentration. Helps reduce stress, anxiety, increases motivation. Natural, effective neurotransmitter support for children and adults.

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Hardy NutritionalsHardy Nutritionals® Clinical Strength Micronutrients
CLINICALLY PROVEN TO HELP MOOD & FOCUS in 40+ independent studies
Daily Essential Nutrients is the world’s most research-backed supplement for mood and mental health
• Improves attention & focus
• Enhances mood stability
• Reduces stress & anxiety
• Drug & stimulant free

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Calm Strips
Calm StripsCalm StripsCALM STRIPS are convenient sensory stickers that can be used almost anywhere. Touch, scratch or trace the textured surface to regulate restless energy, increase focus and remind yourself to breathe. Calm Strips actively works to open dialogues and  destigmatize the pre-existing ideals many have surrounding mental health. Our mission is to be good and do good.


Think Time

Think Time
Think TimeIf you haven’t added dream-drawing to your collection of complementary ADHD approaches, what are you waiting for?
Go to to download our Free Dream Sheet and get started today!

Planner Pads: A Planning System That Works For Your ADHD Brain

AccentrateCompared to ordinary calendars, planners, and other organizing systems, the Planner Pad® Organizer’s exclusive 3-tier design funnels your focus to reduce clutter, keep important tasks in front of you, eliminate constant anxiety. Manage your time to get more done.