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As the fastest growing attention deficit network, ADDitude reaches millions of visitors each month with trusted, useful information presented with empathy and understanding. A multi-platform network dedicated exclusively to ADHD and related conditions, ADDitude offers this large content website (over 5,000 articles), a quarterly print magazine, blogs, expert webinars, podcasts, free downloads, a robust community, multiple newsletters, eBooks, a professional directory, and much more.

Trusted Content and a Caring Voice

Since 1998, ADDitude has provided authoritative and actionable information from nationally renowned medical experts, along with articles and advice by our distinguished editorial team. We connect with our readers because we couple that trusted content with empathy, inspiration, and even a bit of humor.

An Unmatched Opportunity to Reach Our Highly Engaged Audience

ADDitude serves its readers with fresh, engaging, useful content of the highest editorial integrity every single day. We are in constant contact with our community. As a result, ADDitude speaks the genuine, evolving language of ADHD.

We understand the daily challenges faced by parents of children with attention deficit and related conditions. We know the emotional, psychological, and social strains caused by ADHD in adulthood. We support healthcare professionals who need up-to-date research and practical information to help their patients. And we have pinpointed resources to help caregivers, adults with ADHD, and ADHD professionals alike. The engagement of our audience is unparalleled.



Who Relies on ADDitude?

Diagnosis and Treatment Seekers

“Is my diagnosis ADHD, LD, or something else?”
The road to an ADHD, mental health, or learning diagnosis can be long and unsettling for adults and parents alike. They come to ADDitude to understand their symptoms and find resources for treatment.


“As a parent, how can I help my child thrive?”
Parents of children with attention and learning differences struggle with their children’s behavior, disorganization, poor social skills, and learning disabilities. ADDitude provides support along with proven ways to help children succeed at school and in life.

Adults Sufferers

“How can I live a better life with adult ADHD?”
Often diagnosed only later in life, adults with ADHD and learning difficulties look for help succeeding on the job, in relationships, with household organization, and more. ADDitude provides the resources to reinvent lives.

ADHD Professionals

“Where can I find resources for my ADHD and LD clients?”
Caring professionals consider ADDitude part of their professional toolbox. Healthcare providers, education professionals, counselors, and others in the ADHD/LD field turn to ADDitude for medically sound, current information to guide their own work and serve as a resource for patients/clients.




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