The ADDitude Medical Advisory Panel

ADDitude’s Medical Advisory Panel & Review Standards

The ADDitude Medical Advisory Panel comprises board-certified physicians and psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, professors, scientific researchers, therapists, and other experts in ADHD and its comorbid conditions. Its esteemed members work with ADDitude editors to ensure the factual accuracy, medical integrity, and clarity of ADDitude articles, symptom tests, and webinars. We are thankful for the clinical experience, authority, and personal understanding they contribute to the ADDitude editorial process.

Mark Bertin, M.D.Mark Bertin, M.D.
Children with ADHD and LD; Related Conditions; Mindfulness
Dr. Mark Bertin, a developmental behavioral pediatrician in Pleasantville, New York, studied at Cornell University, the UCLA School of Medicine, and completed his training at the Children’s Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center (Rose Kennedy Center) at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. Dr. Bertin is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at New York Medical College, on the faculty of the Windward Teacher Training Institute, and from 2003 to 2010 was Director of Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics at the Westchester Institute for Human Development. He is on the advisory boards for Reach Out and Read and Common Sense Media and writes for Huffington Post and Psychology Today. For more information, visit his website:

Carol Brady, Ph.D.Carol Brady, Ph.D.
Children with ADHD; Tourette Syndrome; School Psychologist
Dr. Carol Brady is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Houston, Texas. She is also a specialist in school psychology and a well-regarded speaker in the areas of ADHD, children, and families in trauma and Tourette Syndrome. She received her Ph.D. from Louisiana State University and she is currently on the scientific advisory board for the Tourette Association of America and is an adjunct faculty at Baylor University and the University of Texas.

Thomas E. Brown, Ph.D.Thomas E. Brown, Ph.D.
Adult ADHD; Teens with ADHD
Thomas E. Brown, Ph.D., is a Yale-trained clinical psychologist who specializes in assessment and treatment of ADHD in children, adolescents, and adults. On the clinical faculty of Yale Medical School for 25 years (1992 to 2017), the Brown Clinic for Attention and Related Disorders is now located in Manhattan Beach, California, where Dr. Brown is an adjunct clinical associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California. Dr. Brown has published 30 peer-reviewed scientific journal articles and five books on ADHD.

Dawn K. Brown, M.D.Dawn K. Brown, M.D.
Adult ADHD; Teens and children with ADHD
Dawn K. Brown is the owner, CEO, and sole practitioner of two private practices, ADHD Wellness Center which has multiple locations in six states, and Mental Healthletics™, which provides all-inclusive mental health services for elite athletes and their ecosystems. She also serves as a psychiatrist for four clinics in six states where she is medically licensed (Texas, Illinois, California, Florida, Colorado, and Georgia.) Dr. Brown earned her doctorate degree and completed her Residency in General/Adult Psychiatry at the Saint Louis University School of Medicine and completed an additional two-year fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the Menninger Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. She is an official independent physician consultant for national sports organizations.

Matthew D. Cohen, J.D.Matthew D. Cohen, J.D.
Special Education Law
Matthew Cohen, J.D., is the founder of Matt Cohen and Associates and specializes in special education and mental health law. Cohen is a legal commentator for LDOnline and serves on CHADD’s Public Policy Committee. Read his blog at He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota Law School and Grinell College.

Eileen M. Costello, M.D.Eileen M. Costello, M.D.
Eileen Costello is Chief of Ambulatory Pediatrics at Boston Medical Center, after working as a primary-care pediatrician in Boston for over 25 years. She served on the board of Asperger/Autism Network (AANE) and has been twice honored with the Partners in Excellence Award by Partners Healthcare. Dr. Costello is the co-author of Quirky Kids: Understanding and Helping Your Child Who Doesn’t Fit In—When to Worry and When Not to Worry, which offers expert guidance on caring for children with neuro-developmental challenges. She is a graduate of Harvard University and received her medical degree from the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University.

Wes Crenshaw, Ph.D., ABPPWes Crenshaw, Ph.D., ABPP
ADHD in Teens; Sexuality; Family Therapy
Wes Crenshaw, Ph.D. ABPP, CST is a licensed psychologist in private practice in Kansas City. Board certified in Couples and Family Psychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology, Dr. Crenshaw received his Ph.D. from the University of Kansas. He is a newspaper columnist and author of the book I Always Want to Be Where I’m Not: Successful Living with ADD and ADHD

Peg Dawson, Ed.D.Peg Dawson, Ed.D.
Learning Disorders; ADHD at School; Executive Function
Peg Dawson, Ed.D., received her doctorate in school/child clinical psychology from the University of Virginia. She practices at the Center for Learning and Attention Disorders in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where she specializes in the assessment of children and adults with learning and attention disorders. Dawson is co-author of Smart but Scattered and Smart but Scattered Teens.

Terry M. Dickson, M.D.Terry M. Dickson, M.D.
Adult ADHD; Children with ADHD
Terry M. Dickson, M.D., ACG, CPCC, is the founder and director of The Behavioral Medicine Clinic of NW Michigan where he has served children, adolescents, and adults with ADHD for the past fifteen years. Dr. Dickson has published many articles on ADHD and related topics and speaks regularly on ADHD locally and nationally on the web (ADDA Webinars), radio, and TV (CNN News), Attention Talk Radio, as well as CHADD’s Ask an Expert online. He most recently appeared on an NBC Nightly News Special on Adult ADHD.

William Dodson, M.D.William W. Dodson, M.D.
Adult ADHD
William Dodson, M.D. is a board-certified adult psychiatrist in private practice at the Dodson ADHD Center in Denver, Colorado has specialized in adults with ADHD for over 35 years. A former faculty member at Georgetown University and the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Dodson is a Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and was the 2006 recipient of the Maxwell J. Schleifer Distinguished National Service Award for his work with people with disabilities.

Ann Dolin, M.Ed.Ann Dolin, M.Ed.
ADHD at School
Ann Dolin, M.Ed., has more than 20 years of teaching, tutoring, and consulting experience. In 1998 she founded Educational Connections, a tutoring company that has grown to employ 200 tutors and has worked with over 8,000 students in the Washington, D.C. area. Her first book, Homework Made Simple, won the Publishers Association 2011 Parenting Book of the Year Award. For more information, visit Ann’s website at

Laurie Dupar, PMHNP, RN, PCCLaurie Dupar, PMHNP, RN, PCC
Adult ADHD
Laurie Dupar, a senior certified ADHD Coach and trained psychiatric nurse practitioner, specializes in working with clients who have been diagnosed with ADHD and who want to understand how their brain works, minimize their challenges, and get things done. For more information about Laurie’s programs, visit

John Fleming, Ph.D.John Fleming, Ph.D.
Adult ADHD; Eating Disorders
Dr. John Fleming is a psychologist in private practice with more than 25 years of experience in the treatment of eating issues. After earning a Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin (Milwaukee), he completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Chicago. Dr. Fleming has provided assessment and treatment for individuals with ADHD for 18 years. During this time he has also co-directed a research program investigating the connection between ADHD, overeating, and obesity.

Fred Frankel, Ph.D.Fred Frankel, Ph.D.
Social Skills
Fred Frankel, Ph.D., is the author of Friends Forever: How Parents Can Help Their Kids Make and Keep Good Friends. Dr. Frankel has directed the UCLA Parenting & Children’s Friendship Program for the past 29 years. During that time he has either had direct or supervisory clinical experience with more than 2,500 families. He is co-developer (with Bob Myatt) of Children’s Friendship Training and co-developer (with Liz Laugeson) of the PEERS program for adolescents and adults.

David W. Goodman, M.D., FAPADavid W. Goodman, M.D., FAPA
Adult ADHD
David W. Goodman, M.D., FAPA, is an assistant professor in psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and an internationally recognized expert on ADHD in adults. Dr. Goodman has been a principal investigator for ADHD clinical trials, authored 30-plus peer-reviewed scientific publications and presented over 600 lectures to clinicians. Goodman maintains a full-time clinical practice. For more information, visit

Ross W. Greene, Ph.D.Ross W. Greene, Ph.D.
Children with ADHD; Behavior Problems
Ross W. Greene, Ph.D., is the author of the well-known books The Explosive Child and Lost at School, and originated a model of care emphasizing collaborative resolutions to children’s behavioral challenges. He is associate clinical professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Greene founded the nonprofit Lives in the Balance to provide free, web-based resources and to advocate on behalf of behaviorally challenged kids and their parents, teachers, and other caregivers. He lives in Portland, Maine, with his wife and two children.

Blythe Grossberg, Psy.D.Blythe Grossberg, Psy.D.
Learning Disabilities; ADHD at Work
Blythe Grossberg, Psy.D., is a learning specialist in New York City who has more than thirteen years of experience helping children and adults with ADD become more effective at school and at work. Dr. Grossberg is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Harvard College and received her doctoral degree in psychology from Rutgers University. She has previously served as the Upper School learning specialist at the Collegiate School where she collaborated with students, their parents, and their teachers to improve students’ ability to succeed with their academics. She has published several books, including Focused: ADHD & ADD Parenting Strategies for Children with Attention Deficit Disorder, Making ADD Work: On-the-Job Strategies for Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder, and Applying to College for Students with ADD or LD.

Edward Hallowell, M.D.Edward M. Hallowell, M.D.
Adult ADHD; Children with ADHD; ADHD at Work
Edward (Ned) Hallowell, M.D., is a child and adult psychiatrist and leading authority in the field of ADHD. A graduate of Harvard College and Tulane School of Medicine, Dr. Hallowell was on the faculty of the Harvard Medical School from 1983 to 2004. The founder of The Hallowell Centers for Cognitive and Emotional Health in Boston MetroWest, New York City, San Francisco and Seattle, Hallowell is the host of Distraction — a weekly podcast for thriving in this CrazyBusy world, author of 20 books including the NY Times best sellers: Driven to Distraction and Delivered from Distraction. Other books include CrazyBusy, Driven to Distraction at Work, and most recently, Because I Come from a Crazy Family: The Making of a Psychiatrist.

Ed Hamlin, Ph.D.Ed Hamlin, Ph.D.
Ed Hamlin, Ph.D., is the founder and clinical director of the Institute for Applied Neuroscience in Asheville, North Carolina, where he specializes in the application of neuroscience techniques to address a range of difficulties, including attention problems. Dr. Hamlin received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from UNC-Chapel Hill and taught at UNC and Duke before returning to Asheville. He is the lead instructor for EEG Education and Research and is on the faculty for Evidence-Based Neurotherapy of the Society for the Advancement of Brain Analysis. Dr. Hamlin is a recognized leader in the neurofeedback field and has trained thousands of clinicians to use neurofeedback.

John Harrington, M.D.John Harrington, M.D.
Pediatrics; Autism
John Harrington, M.D., is a board-certified general pediatrician, division director of General Academic Pediatrics at Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters, and professor of pediatrics at Eastern Virginia Medical School. He is a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Fellow recipient for primary care research and completed a three-year HRSA mentoring program for general pediatric research. He specializes in autism, obesity, behavioral problems, and the education of medical students and pediatric residents.

Stephen P. Hinshaw, Ph.D.Stephen P. Hinshaw, Ph.D.
Women with ADHD; ADHD Stigma
Stephen Hinshaw, Ph.D., is professor of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, where he served as Department Chair from 2004-2011, and is vice chair of Psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco. His work focuses on developmental psychopathology-peer and family relationships, neuropsychological risk factors, pharmacologic and psychological interventions for children with ADHD, assessment and evaluation, conceptual and definitional issues, mental health problems in teenage girls, the stigmatization of mental illness, and international training efforts. Hinshaw has written nine books, including The ADHD Explosion: Myths, Medication, Money and Today’s Push for Performance.

Peter Jaksa, Ph.D.Peter Jaksa, Ph.D.
Adult ADHD; Children with ADHD; Teens with ADHD
Peter Jaksa, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and former president of the Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA). He is the author of the book Life With ADHD. Dr. Jaksa has over 30 years of experience working with people with ADHD of all ages, and is an adult with ADHD himself. He has published dozens of articles on many topics related to ADHD, and contributed to ADDitude Magazine since its inception. Dr. Jaksa received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Peter Jensen, M.D.Peter S. Jensen, M.D.
Child Psychiatry
Dr. Peter Jensen is president and CEO of The REACH Institute (Resource for Advancing Children’s Health), a non-profit organization he founded in 2006 to disseminate evidence-based interventions for child and adolescent mental health. He has previously served as the head of child psychiatry at the National Institute of Mental Health and as director of Columbia University‘s Center for the Advancement of Children’s Mental Health. Dr. Jensen is also the author of over 300 peer-reviewed articles and chapters and 20 books and has received awards for his research, teaching, and child advocacy from many national organizations.

Walt Karniski, M.D.Walt Karniski, M.D.
Children with ADHD
Walt Karniski, M.D., is a developmental pediatrician who trained at Boston Children’s Hospital. He was director of the Division of Developmental Pediatrics at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida, for fifteen years. He then opened a private practice and for twenty years, evaluated and treated children with ADHD, autism, anxiety, learning differences, and other developmental difficulties. During that time, he developed and operated three private schools for children with ADHD, anxiety, and learning difference. Over the forty years he has been practicing, he has evaluated and treated nearly ten thousand children, conducted numerous studies of brain activity in children, and has been director of a child abuse program and a program for enhancing development in children born prematurely. Dr. Karniski approaches each child as a unique individual with distinctive strengths and weaknesses, where the diagnosis does not matter as much as understanding the specific needs of that child. His book  ADHD Medication: Does It Work and Is It Safe? is a comprehensive resource about ADHD medications that highlights frequent stories from his practice to present the sometimes complex information in a clear and easy-to-understand way.

Randy Kulman, Ph.D.Randy Kulman, Ph.D.
Digital Media and ADHD
Randy Kulman, Ph.D., is the founder and president of LearningWorks for Kids, an educational technology company that specializes in using video games and interactive digital media to teach executive-functioning and academic skills. For the past 25 years, Dr. Kulman has also been the clinical director and president of South County Child and Family Consultants, a multidisciplinary group of private practitioners that specializes in assessment and interventions for children with learning disorders and attention difficulties in Wakefield, Rhode Island.

Ellen B. Littman, Ph.D.Ellen B. Littman, Ph.D.
Women with ADHD
Ellen B. Littman, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist licensed in New York State, attended Brown University, Yale University, the clinical psychology doctoral program at Long Island University, and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Specializing in identifying and treating complex presentations of ADHD that may be overlooked, she has particular expertise with issues affecting women and girls. Dr. Littman is co-author of the book Understanding Girls with ADHD and contributing author of the books The Hidden Side of Adult ADHD, Understanding Women with ADHD, and Gender Differences in ADHD, among others.

Theresa E. Laurie Maitland, Ph.D.Theresa E. Laurie Maitland, Ph.D.
College Students with ADHD/LD
Theresa E. Laurie Maitland, Ph.D., is currently the coordinator of the Academic Success Program for Students with LD/ADHD: A Learning Center Program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Maitland co-authored Coaching College Students with ADHD with Dr. Patricia Quinn and Nancy Ratey. She and Patricia Quinn published two books on the subject of transition to college: Ready for Take-Off: Preparing Teens with ADHD and LD for College and On Your Own: A College Readiness Guide for Teens with ADHD/LD.

Kathleen Nadeau, Ph.D.Kathleen Nadeau, Ph.D.
Adult ADHD; Women with ADHD
Kathleen Nadeau, Ph.D., is director of the Chesapeake ADHD Center of Maryland in Silver Spring, specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD. She has served on the professional advisory boards of CHADD and ADDA. She was the co-founder of the National Center for Gender Issues in ADHD, a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the needs of girls and women with ADHD. Dr. Nadeau has appeared on the Today Show and the Morning Show, as well as on numerous radio programs, and is a frequent lecturer both in the U.S. and abroad on topics related to ADHD.

Sandy Newmark, M.D.Sandy Newmark, M.D.
Natural ADHD Treatment; Diet & Nutrition
Sandy Newmark, M.D., is the head of the Pediatric Integrative Neurodevelopmental Program at the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine where he specializes in the treatment of autism, ADHD, and other developmental or chronic childhood conditions. He is author of ADHD Without Drugs: A Guide to Natural Care of Children with ADHD and a Clinical Professor at the University of California, San Francisco.

Joel T. Nigg, Ph.D.Joel T. Nigg, Ph.D.
Joel Nigg, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and a professor in the departments of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Oregon Health & Science University. He directs the OSHU ADHD Research program and is also director of the division of psychology. Author of Getting Ahead of ADHD: What Next-Generation Science Says about Treatments That Work―and How You Can Make Them Work for Your Child. Dr. Nigg has published nearly 300 peer-reviewed scientific papers related to the neuropsychological, cognitive, and temperamental correlates of child ADHD, to ADHD genetics, and to MRI- based research and theoretical interpretations of brain development in ADHD.

Michele Novotni, Ph.D.Michele Novotni, Ph.D.
Adult ADHD; Women with ADHD
Michele Novotni Ph.D., is an internationally recognized expert in the field of ADHD. She is the former president and CEO of the national Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA), an inspiring speaker, best selling author, psychologist, coach and parent of a young adult with ADHD. She is the author of Adult AD/HD and Adult AD/HD and What Does Everybody Else Know That I Don’t? She received her Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Mississippi as well as Ed.S. and M.Ed. degrees from Georgia Southern University.

James Ochoa, LPCJames Ochoa, LPC
Emotional Distress Syndrome
James Ochoa, LPC is the founder and director of the The Life Empowerment Center (TLEC) in Austin, Texas where mentoring, coaching and counseling to help ADHD adolescents and adults devise custom-tailored solutions for their challenges.

Roberto Olivardia, Ph.D.Roberto Olivardia, Ph.D.
Adult ADHD; OCD; Eating Disorders
Roberto Olivardia, Ph.D., is a Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Instructor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School. He maintains a private psychotherapy practice in Lexington, Massachusetts, where he specializes in the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), executive functioning issues, and issues that face students with learning differences. He also specializes in the treatment of Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and in the treatment of eating disorders in boys and men. He currently sits on the Scientific Advisory Board for ADDitude and serves on the Professional Advisory Boards for CHADD, Attention Deficit Disorder Association and the National Association for Males with Eating Disorders.

William E. Pelham, Jr., Ph.D.William E. Pelham, Jr., Ph.D.
ADHD in Children and Teens; Behavioral Therapy
William E. Pelham, Jr., Ph.D., director of the Center for Children and Families at Florida International University (FIU), is a distinguished professor of psychology who studies ADHD in children and adolescents. His summer treatment program for ADHD children has been recognized by the Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology and the Society for Child and Family Policy and Practice of the American Psychological Association (APA), by Children with Attention Deficit Disorder (CHADD), and by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) as a model program, and is widely recognized as the state of the art in treatment for children and adolescents with ADHD.

Adam Price, Ph.D.Adam Price, Ph.D.
Child Psychology
Dr. Adam Price, a clinical psychologist and author, has worked with children, adolescents, and their families for more than 25 years. He is an expert in learning disabilities and ADHD. Dr. Price lectures nationally to parents and educators, and has trained numerous clinicians in family and child therapy. He has written for both academic and popular publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Family Circle, and Psychology Today. Dr. Price’s book, He’s Not Lazy: Empowering Your Son to Believe in Himself, was recently published by Sterling Publishing Co.

Patricia O. Quinn, M.D.Patricia O. Quinn, M.D.
Women with ADHD; College Students with ADHD
Patricia Quinn, M.D., is a developmental pediatrician in the Washington, D.C. area. A graduate of the Georgetown University Medical School, Quinn specializes in child development and psychopharmacology. She is the author and co-author of several books, including Understanding Girls with AD/HD. Dr. Quinn was the cofounder and director of the Center for Girls and Women with ADHD, which closed in 2013.

David Rabiner, Ph.D.David Rabiner, Ph.D.
Neurofeedback; Medication Diversion; ADHD Research
David Rabiner, Ph.D., is a research professor in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at Duke University and Associate Dean in Trinity College of Arts and Sciences. His research has examined medication diversion by college students as well as the impact of attention difficulties on children’s academic achievement. He has published over 50 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals and received multiple federal grants to support his work. His online newsletter, Attention Research Update, helps parents, educators, and health professionals keep up with new research on ADHD.

J. Russell Ramsay, Ph.D.J. Russell Ramsay, Ph.D.
Adult ADHD; Cognitive Behavior Therapy
J. Russell Ramsay, Ph.D., is co-founder and co-director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Adult ADHD Treatment and Research Program and an associate professor of clinical psychology in psychiatry in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Ramsay has authored numerous professional and scientific articles and book chapters, and has lectured internationally on various issues related to adult ADHD. He is the author of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Adult ADHD: An Integrative Psychosocial and Medical Approach, which has been translated into Japanese, and Nonmedication Treatments for Adult ADHD: Evaluating Impact of Daily Functioning and Well-Being. He is currently working on the second edition of CBT for Adult ADHD and a companion clinical handbook.

John J. Ratey, M.D.John J. Ratey, M.D.
Adult ADHD; Exercise
John J. Ratey, M.D., is an Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and an internationally recognized expert in Neuropsychiatry. Dr. Ratey has published over 60 peer-reviewed articles and 11 books, including the acclaimed Driven to Distraction series, with Ned Hallowell, M.D., and Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain. Dr. Ratey was awarded the prize for “2016 Outstanding Psychiatrist of the Year” by the Massachusetts Psychiatric Society. He also has been profiled in the media by outlets such as The New York Times, Newsweek, The Washington Post, NBC, NPR, and US News and World Report.

Jasmine Reese, M.D., M.P.H.Jasmine Reese, M.D., M.P.H.
ADHD in Children and Teens; Eating Disorders; Reproductive and Mental Health
Dr. Jasmine Reese is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Dr. Reese is double board certified in Pediatrics and in Adolescent Medicine and completed her subspecialty fellowship training at the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Leadership Education in Adolescent Health Program and received a Master’s degree in Public Health with a focus in Health Care Organization and Policy and Maternal and Child Health. She has clinical expertise in managing adolescent reproductive health, mental health, eating disorders, and other psychosocial needs. She is a Fellow of the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine, where she also serves as the president of the Southeast United States region. She is also the co-chair of the mental health task force for the Florida Chapter American Academy of Pediatrics and the medical liaison for the Tampa Bay International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals chapter. Additionally, she serves as a faculty member for the REACH (Resource for Advancing Children’s Mental Health) Institute.

Anthony L. Rostain, M.D.Anthony L. Rostain, M.D.
Adult ADHD; Pediatrics
Anthony L. Rostain, M.D., is a professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Rostain is a past president of the American Professional Society for ADHD and Related Disorders (APSARD). He is the co-author of The Adult ADHD Tool Kit: Using CBT to Facilitate Coping Inside and Out, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Adult ADHD: An Integrative Psychosocial and Medical Approach, and The Stressed Years of Their Lives: Helping Your Kids Survive and Thrive During Their College Years.

Sharon Saline, Psy.D.Sharon Saline, Psy.D.
ADHD in Children and Teens; Executive Function; Learning Disabilities
Sharon Saline, Psy.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice in Massachusetts working primarily with children, adolescents and families for the diagnosis, treatment, and intervention of ADHD, learning disabilities, and mental health issues. She graduated magna cum laude from Brown University, received her master’s degree in psychology from New College of California, and obtained her doctorate in psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology. She is the author of What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew: Working Together to Empower Kids for Success in School and Life. More information is available at

Jerome J. Schultz, Ph.D.Jerome J. Schultz, Ph.D.
Learning Disabilities; ADHD at School
Jerome J. Schultz, Ph.D. a clinical neuropsychologist for over 30 years, is on the faculty of Harvard Medical School, in the Department of Psychiatry, where he supervises young psychologists and psychiatry interns. He is the author of Nowhere to Hide: Why Kids with ADHD & LD Hate School and What We Can Do About It. A former middle school teacher, Schultz specializes in the neuropsychological assessment and treatment of youth with learning disabilities and ADHD.

Larry B. Silver, M.D.Larry Silver, M.D.
ADHD in Children; Learning Disabilies
Larry Silver, M.D., is clinical professor of psychiatry at Georgetown University Medical Center, in Washington, D.C., and director of training in child and adolescent psychiatry at Georgetown University School of Medicine. He is a former acting director and deputy director of the National Institute of Mental Health, as well as the author of Dr. Larry Silver’s Advice to Parents on AD/HD and The Misunderstood Child: Understanding and Coping with Your Child’s Learning Disabilities.

Sari Solden, M.S., LMFTSari Solden, M.S., LMFT
Women with ADHD
Sari Solden, M.S., LMFT, a psychotherapist in private practice in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has worked with adults with ADHD and their partners for 25 years. Sari is the author of Women with Attention Deficit Disorder and Journeys Through ADDulthood. She is a prominent speaker at both national and international ADHD conferences, serves on the professional advisory board of ADDA, and is a past recipient of ADDA’s award for outstanding service by a helping professional. Her areas of specialization include inattentive ADHD, women’s issues, as well as the long-term counseling issues for adults diagnosed later in life.

Ari Tuckman, Psy.D., MBAAri Tuckman, Psy.D., MBA
Adult ADHD
Ari Tuckman, Psy.D., MBA, is a psychologist who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD. He is the author of More Attention, Less Deficit, and Understand Your Brain, Get More Done. Dr. Tuckman also has a podcast about ADHD that has over one hundred episodes and more than two million downloads and speaks about succeeding with ADHD at CHADD each year. He is a former vice president of ADDA and now has a practice in West Chester, Pennsylvania, where he works with adults and adolescents with attention challenges.

Anna Vagin, Ph.D.Anna Vagin, Ph.D.
ADHD in Children; Social Skills
Anna Vagin, Ph.D., is a licensed speech/language pathologist with over 30 years experience. In her private practice in Marin County, California, she provides individual sessions and social learning groups to children, young adults, and their families. She received her B.S. in Speech and Hearing Sciences from University of California, Santa Barbara and her M.A. from the University of Redlands. In 1997, she received her Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley and SFSU, writing her dissertation on Mother-Child Interaction in Children with Bilateral Cleft Lip and Palate.

Timothy Wilens, M.D.Timothy Wilens, M.D.
Adult ADHD; Teens with ADHD; Comorbidities
Timothy E. Wilens is the Chief of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and (Co) Director of the Center for Addiction Medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital. He is a Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Wilens specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD, substance use disorders, and bipolar disorder. Widely published, Dr. Wilens has more than 350 original articles, reviews, chapters, books and editorials to his credit. Dr. Wilens is a consultant to the National Football League, Major/Minor League Baseball, Bay Cove Human Services and Gavin House and is consistently named one of the Best Doctors in Boston and in America for psychiatry.

Christopher Willard, Psy.D.Christopher Willard, Psy.D.
Dr. Christopher Willard, Psy.D., a psychologist and educational consultant based in Boston specializing in mindfulness, teaches at Harvard Medical School. He currently serves on the board of directors at the Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy, and is the president of the Mindfulness in Education Network. He has presented at TEDx conferences and his thoughts have appeared in the New York Times, The Washington Post,, and elsewhere. He is the author of Child’s Mind, Growing Up Mindful, Raising Resilience, and three other books.

Paul B. Yellin, M.D.Paul B. Yellin, M.D.
Developmental Pediatrics; School Accommodations, Learning Disabilities
Dr. Paul B. Yellin is the Director of The Yellin Center for Mind, Brain, and Education in New York City. Dr. Yellin has dedicated his entire career to improving the well-being and development of young people. Dr. Yellin is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at New York University School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics, where he serves as a member of the faculty of the program in Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics.

Susan Yellin, Esq.Susan Yellin, Esq.
Special Education Law
Susan Yellin, Esq., is the director of advocacy and college counseling services at The Yellin Center for Mind, Brain, and Education, an innovative learning support and diagnostic practice in New York City. She co-authored the award-winning book, Life After High School: A Guide for Students with Disabilities and Their Families, and was the founding director of The Center for Learning Differences, a nonprofit dedicated to helping families dealing with learning and attention difficulties find resources in their communities.


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