ADDitude’s Editorial Process and Standards

ADDitude Magazine's Editorial Process and Standards

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ADDitude is the world’s leading source of evidence-based research, expert insight, and tested strategies for children and adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD or ADD). We are committed to delivering the most accurate, up-to-date information from leading clinical practitioners and researchers in the field of ADHD and its comorbid conditions. We are equally committed to listening to our readers, and responding to their needs with content that is both authoritative and understanding, clear and accurate, helpful and nuanced.

Our Editorial Mission

You trust us with your family’s health. And we do not take that trust lightly. Everything we do at ADDitude is designed to serve our readers with the most trustworthy, relevant, actionable information and advice from the most esteemed experts on ADHD, learning disorders, and comorbid conditions. This is our goal and our mission.

ADDitude aims to be our readers’ most reliable advisor and ally on the journey toward greater ADHD awareness, management, and celebration. We hope to dismantle ADHD stereotypes and stigma by publishing evidence-based, expert information — as well as real stories of struggle and success from our vibrant community. We believe that wellness begins with truth — and empathy.

Our Editorial Process

The ADDitude editorial team and Medical Advisory Panel are dedicated to creating quality, science-backed content that adheres to the highest editorial standards. Our content is created by qualified writers and medical professionals, fact-checked, and reviewed by leading clinical practitioners and researchers within the field of ADHD. Following publication, our content is regularly revisited and updated for accuracy and reliability.

Our Editorial Standards

The ADDitude editorial team adheres to strict editorial standards and journalistic principles. Health information and guidance is thoroughly researched, and sources are vetted to ensure recency, authority, and credibility. Our sources include peer-reviewed studies, government organizations, medical associations, research institutions, and medical professionals.

All editorial content adheres to the following standards:

Trustworthy: Our content is of the highest quality, provides reliable information, and has been reviewed by a member of our editorial team and/or Medical Advisory Panel.

Unbiased: Our content can be taken at face value. It takes a balanced view and presents alternative viewpoints when warranted.

Current: Our content is up to date, presents current research and news, and is regularly revisited and updated for accuracy.

Actionable: Our content provides guidance and next steps for our readers; it recommends specific actions, resources, and reading to transform advice into action. Through this process, we uphold our values of credibility, objectivity, and accuracy, and provide comprehensive guidance on how to live your happiest and healthiest life with ADHD.

The ADDitude Medical Advisory Panel

The ADDitude Medical Advisory Panel comprises board-certified physicians and psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, professors, scientific researchers, therapists, and other experts in ADHD and its comorbid conditions who work with ADDitude editors to ensure the factual accuracy, medical integrity, and clarity of our content. Learn more.

Our Expert Editorial Team & Collaborators

Our editorial team comprises veteran editors and passionate writers who carefully vet all freelance contributors, as well as new members of our Medical Advisory Panel. Our editors uphold our editorial standards and values and ensure that all our content creators are trained to create accurate and trustworthy content. Learn more.

Our Medical Review and Fact-Checking Standards

ADDitude’s team of board-certified medical professionals reviews articles, symptom tests, and webinars — bringing their unparalleled clinical experience, authority, and personal understanding of ADHD to bear. Our medical- and health-focused content is reviewed by a team of medical and mental health professionals or fact-checked by professional editors to ensure accuracy. Our medical advisory board comprises leading clinicians and researchers from a wide range of fields: from psychiatry and developmental pediatrics, to clinical psychology and neuroscience. Our consulting medical team are indispensable in helping us to guarantee balanced and trustworthy information.

Citations, References & Sources

The studies, scientific papers, and statistics used in ADDitude articles, particularly news reports and research articles, can be found in the footnotes at the bottom of these posts.

Editorial Updates

The ADDitude editorial team updates articles as warranted by the release of new research, new clinical guidelines, drug approvals or recalls, significant practice recommendations, and updated standards of care.