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Live Webinar on June 27: AuDHD Guidance: Why Autism Is So Difficult to Diagnose in Women and Girls with ADHD

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ADHD and autism share many symptoms. Yet the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) allowed for ADHD and autism to be diagnosed in the same person only 11 years ago. Before 2013, the DSM did not recognize or allow for a dual diagnosis. Since then, research and clinical understanding of AuDHD have evolved.

However, we still don’t have an evidence-based, standardized approach to diagnosing and supporting adults, women, and gender-diverse individuals with AuDHD. Clinical consensus, stakeholder perspective, and increasing empirical research suggest that ADHD and autism are spectrum conditions that present differently across development and genders, making accurate diagnoses and treatment both challenging and vital.

This presentation will explain the ways in which ADHD and autism overlap and how they can present differently in children and adults — and across genders. In this webinar, you will also learn:

  • About how AuDHD is diagnosed in children and adults
  • How autism can look different from childhood to adulthood and across genders
  • About the association between autism and gender diversity
  • Why autism is so easily missed and misdiagnosed, especially in girls and women, and the consequences of that
  • About the myths and misinformation about autism in adults and girls and women
  • About what your medical and mental health providers need to know and how you can help them make an accurate diagnosis
  • Future directions in diagnosis and treatment


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Meet the Expert Speaker

Dr. Karen Saporito is a licensed clinical psychologist who has been in private practice for over 20 years. She provides care to a wide range of clients with varying issues, but has a particular interest and specialty in diagnosing and supporting children and adults with ADHD and autism spectrum disorder. She is passionate about educating medical and mental health providers, as well as clients, about the different presentation of girls and women with neurodevelopmental disorders. Karen has been a member of APSARD for several years and serves on the APSARD Adult ADHD Guidelines Committee and the Diversity Committee.

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