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Free Women’s Health Month Calendar: 31 Days to Demand Attention!

Follow the 31 steps in this Women’s Health Month calendar to demand research on issues affecting women and girls with ADHD, from puberty to menopause and PMDD to age-related cognitive decline.

There is so much we don’t know about ADHD in women, largely because of non-existent or paltry medical research. Consequently, girls and women with ADHD have missed out on critical interventions to help manage their ADHD symptoms.

This Women’s Health Month, ADDitude’s Women Demand Attention initiative seeks to change this by drawing attention to the research that doesn’t exist or doesn’t fully reflect the lived experiences of ADHD in women. From puberty to menopause and PMDD to age-related cognitive decline, the research need is vast and spans the lifespan.

A better understanding of sex differences in ADHD — a condition linked to devastating health outcomes when untreated — will improve diagnostic and treatment outcomes for women.

Download this free calendar and join the chorus of medical experts, health advocates, and government agencies calling for gender equality in health research. The calendar contains actionable steps to address inequities in health research and insights — one for each day in May 2024 — to enhance your knowledge of ADHD in women.

“Research specifically devoted to girls and women with ADHD is not only an issue of equity but a life-or-death issue for some girls and women.” — Julia Schechter, Ph.D., of the Duke Center for Girls and Women with ADHD