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Easy Accommodations for Kids with ADHD: Free Downloadable Card

Simple, straightforward accommodations to address your child’s ADHD-related challenges.

Children with ADHD may struggle to keep up in class, control problem behaviors, or socialize with their peers — but busy teachers and parents don’t always know the best ways to help them succeed. Now, getting accommodations right is simpler than ever with this easy-to-use downloadable card from ADDitude.

If your child’s teacher complains that she’s always touching other students, for instance, suggest the teacher increase the distance between desks or seat her near a positive role model. If your child seems isolated or lonely at school, ask the teacher to plan group learning activities.

Whether your child’s biggest challenge is impulsivity, inattention, or hyperactivity, this free card has simple solutions parents can suggest — and teachers can implement — to get difficult symptoms under control. Download now!

NOTE: This resource is for personal use only.